If I buy a mobile with 5G, will I spend more Internet data?

One of the concerns you may have now that you have bought a new smartphone with 5G or are thinking of buying it is if it consumes more data , something that will worry you especially if you have a limited rate.

For years there has been talk of the implementation of this new technology and what its great speed, lower latency and the advantages with which it arrives could mean, but there was also a lot of talk about its possible higher data consumption and if this really compensated its advantage.

A few years ago, in 2020, a study by the specialized firm Open Signal determined that users with 5G smartphones consumed an average of 2.7 and 1.7 times more mobile data than users who have chosen to buy mobiles with 4G , after analyzing the amount of data in 6 leading technology countries at the time. Does a device with 5G really consume more? We found out!

No, a 5G mobile is not going to end all your megabytes

One of the main reasons why 5G smartphones consume more data is because they have higher speeds , so they can access more data in less time and with less latency. This means that you can consume more in less time , however, you do not necessarily have to consume more doing the same thing as on a mobile phone with 4G. If you are downloading a video from YouTube, it can be downloaded faster, but the data is the same .

If it is downloaded earlier, you may be tempted to do more things and consume more megabytes, but it is not due to the technology itself but to the use you make of it. It may also be that users with an unlimited data rate consume more using a mobile phone with 5G because they are not going to limit their use and can access the information and downloads they need in less time.

Everything we do on the Internet consumes data , although some services do so more than others. By having higher speeds and lower latency, we can afford to watch higher quality videos, download more, and get more done in less time. Although we can consume more with a 5G mobile, it is not the device itself, but rather we the users who decide to consume more.

Another thing that can happen is that by acquiring a 5G phone we notice a higher data consumption for other reasons not related to this technology, but because it comes with applications or services that consume more data, something that could happen with those that have 4G, and for So it does not depend on your device coming with this technology.

It is true that, for different reasons, a smartphone with 5G consumes more battery, but this has nothing to do with Internet consumption. It is clear that it is not true that just because you have a 5G device makes you spend more data if your consumption habits are the same.

How to disable 5G networks

If you still want to disable the data because you want to save battery, you don't trust it, you don't need it or you prefer to restrict your use of the Internet in a certain way, doing so is very simple.

On Android you will have to follow these steps, which may change depending on your smartphone model:

1. Go to Settings

2. Look for Data or mobile networks

3. Select preferred network type

4. The ones you have will appear

5. Choose 4G

On iPhone you will have to follow this route:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Mobile Data

3. Scroll down to options

4. Choose voice and data

5. Click on 4G

6. Return to data mode

7. select standard

If you intend to do it by consuming megabytes, it is best to opt for other alternatives such as limiting your consumption, controlling how much each of the apps you use spend, limiting applications in the background, use WiFi as much as you can, download what you need before leaving home, etc. And you, have you noticed that you finish your Internet rate sooner with your new 5G phone.