iRobot Roomba i7 plus : The Advantage and Disadvantages

It is one of iRobot's most advanced robot vacuums to date; the Roomba i7+. Whether it is completely worth its expensive price remains to be seen. But if you have some extra money in your pocket, this robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot is a nice toy that will take some extra work off your hands. This robot empties its own container at the charging station, and this ensures that you do not have to worry about emptying the vacuum cleaner for about a month. 

So for busy families or forgetful people like me, this is a great solution. In this article you will find out whether the Roomba i7+ is actually a good purchase, because we look at the pros and cons, reviews from other users, and possible alternatives.


Of course, this robot vacuum cleaner has stair detection, object sensors, and it automatically returns to its charging station like all robot vacuum cleaners. But it also has many other pluses that are virtually unique to similar devices, including…

Automatic Dirt Disposal

It is one of the main reasons why most buyers buy this Roomba. You no longer have to empty the dust container yourself, because the vacuum cleaner does that itself. Attached to the charging station is a compartment to which all the dirt is discharged. This compartment contains a large dust bag that has space for 30 full bins. This means you don't have to worry about emptying the dirt that the robot sucks up for you for a long period of time. 

Emptying the container yourself is one of the few tasks that you still have on a robot vacuum cleaner, so that even that is taken off your hands is, in one word, great.

Roomba i7 plus

Very powerful suction system

The i7+ has an extremely strong suction power.

According to the company itself, ten times as strong as that of the Roomba 600 series . As a result, no dirt remains, and you can be sure that the house will be sparkling clean once it has done its round.

Navigation system and visual localization

It is a smart robot that navigates well through the house and learns how your house is put together. As a result, he discovers the most efficient route , and creates a map of the house that makes it easier to assign tasks. You can indicate where he should and should not vacuum, and his mapping function will not skip a piece.

Virtual Wall and Halo mode 

Due to its mapping function, you can also set up a virtual wall or Halo mode. The virtual wall is literally like an invisible wall that the vacuum cleaner cannot pass. This allows you to shield certain areas or parts of the room from the robot. Halo mode comes in handy when you want the robot to dodge specific objects, such as delicate items or pet food bowls.

Double rubber brushes and special filter system

In the fight against dust and dirt, this robot is equipped with double rubber brushes that take dirt better than normal brushes. The device also has a special filter system so that, as stated by Roomba, 99% of all molds, pollen, and allergens are neatly collected in the collection bin and will therefore not be a nuisance to you.

Operable via App

Of course, the robot can be operated via the App like all expensive robot vacuum cleaners. You can see what he's up to, assign him tasks, set virtual boundaries, and set a cleaning schedule for the rest of the week. You can also tell this robot what to do via voice control such as Google Home or Alexa.


Unfortunately, it is not a perfect device, and it has some flaws here and there that should be mentioned. One of the downsides to this expensive device is that it doesn't have a mop function, while many cheap robot vacuums do. Other major negatives are…

Makes a lot of noise

It is an advanced device, but makes a bit more noise than many other robot vacuum cleaners. With a noise level of 66 decibels, it makes as much noise as some normal vacuum cleaners, so that's quite a lot. Emptying dirt by the vacuum cleaner also causes quite a bit of noise. Although it only takes ten seconds, it can be very difficult if you just sit comfortably in your chair.

It requires special dust bags

The dirt that is automatically removed by the robot ends up in a kind of vacuum cleaner bag. This allows the robot to empty itself 30 times automatically, but you have to make sure that you always have the special vacuum cleaner bags for this device in stock.

Dust container takes up extra space

Normal robot vacuum cleaners have a compact charging station. Since there is an extra compartment attached to this where the dust is emptied, it logically takes up more space. It will therefore stand out more, and needs an inconspicuous spot more than a normal robot vacuum cleaner. 

Not possible to turn on at night

First of all, the noise the robot produces is something you probably won't appreciate while you are sleeping. But practically speaking, the robot can't even clean at night because then all the lights are off, and the device needs light to locate itself. So if you thought you could turn this robot on at night so it won't bother you during the day? Then that is unfortunately not possible, unless you leave the lights on of course. 

Crashes every now and then

Although it is an expensive and smart device, unfortunately it is not smart enough to free itself from all situations. It is therefore still an advantage to make the house robot-safe, as is the case with other robot vacuum cleaners. But once your house is up to date and you don't leave socks and the like lying around, the i7+ will smoothly do its cleaning round without getting stuck. 


Even though a large number of users complain about the high price of the i7+, everyone is very satisfied with the device. This robot has not yet reached the level of perfection, but it is very user-friendly and still well worth its price. This is mainly due to the fact that it cleans the house in the most efficient way, and it is easy to operate. Also, of course, the automatic dirt removal is great, and a dream come true for many robot vacuum cleaner owners.

Downsides that many users pointed out about this robot is its noise level, and the fact that you have to buy special dust bags. As mentioned before, this device can still get stuck if there are objects on the floor such as cables or small items, so this is something you will still need to be aware of. On the other hand, this is positive, because it ensures that you don't leave anything lying around. : ) Furthermore, the owners of this robot only speak highly of the device, and are happy with their purchase.