Security on Instagram worries more than TikTok

Social networks continue to be undoubtedly the reigning entertainment for millions of people around the planet. There are not a few who spend many hours in front of their phones to navigate through them. And given the choice, what really worries users is security within Instagram, curiously above that of TikTok , its great rival.

This information is derived precisely both from a report focused on these threats, and from one of the most popular privacy apps on the web, Karspersky 's Privacy Checker . Some sources that, when complemented, yield truly surprising results.

Instagram, what most worries users

Undoubtedly, the statistics provided by Privacy Checker visits are a great source of knowledge that leads to unexpected conclusions. Users of this tool can set relaxed, medium and strict level in each of the applications they use. This results in the perception of these services by users, based on their choice of security level for each of them. As when it comes to aspects of online privacy and security, users have been more interested in protecting privacy on the social network Instagram , above Facebook, and especially TikTok. This is something especially surprising.

Especially since, as Karspersky herself remembers, attention is focused on TikTok and its way of managing user data. Surprisingly, users are more concerned about moving around Instagram than TikTok , when the latter social network is extremely monitored both by the public and users, as well as by government agencies and even sectors of the press.

It may have to do with this better perception of TikTok in terms of security, the youth of this social network , which still has an aura of freshness around it and differential features that it has surrendered to its users, which a priori it can do lower the guard of his followers. It is possible that the leaked Meta scandals with Instagram, with reports kept in the drawer and adolescent users concerned with the exposure to which they are subjected on this social network, could be behind this worse perception of security.

Another explanation may be simpler than all this, and that is that TikTok is simply doing the right thing in offering privacy terms and safe settings for its users , which in turn convey greater control of the posts by the public. Chinese social network. Be that as it may, in this aspect it is evident that the Meta trio of social networks raises more questions about privacy than its great opponent TikTok.

Android users are the ones who are most concerned about privacy

That is what we can also see from the data provided by this Karspersky tool. That the Android operating system takes the cake when it comes to channeling user concerns, since 85% of them have opted for settings related to it . Specifically, the most consulted were the medium-level privacy settings, with 17%, followed by 9% for Chrome, the same figure for WhatsApp and Facebook, in the latter case with 7% of all attention.

The configuration of services also worries users, specifically those who were interested in Google, 22% , in WhatsApp, 14%, in Chrome in 12% or in Instagram in 11%. Undoubtedly, a series of data that provides us with very valuable information about what users of social networks and devices perceive about the security of the social networks and apps they use. And as a great conclusion, it seems that their idyll with TikTok remains intact.